New science shows we are in an escalating 30-year heat wave

The data shows we are in a 30-year heat wave coupled with increased incidents of extreme or violent weather.  This report only reports observations without commenting on the causes.

30 year heat wave graph


‘Solar in-a-box’ solution for war, economy, and environment

‘Solar in a box’

  1. PPP philosophy

Promote peace not fight terrorism 3 cups dude

  1. Quasi-Nation building mission critical as part of full spectrum counter insurgency strategy.
    1. Doctrine in principle
    2. In practice/application in

It is nation building, but what does that mean?

Iraq Study Group assessment that the ultimate objective should be a government that “govern itself, sustain itself, and defend itself.”[1]

How does ‘Solar in a Box’ help achieve these objectives?

  • Starts with ‘sustain itself’

You always hate to have to break things down to their most elementary elements, but when building a nation from scratch you have a strong foundation.  What makes up the foundation of any society is mutual agreement to mutual coercion.  This was very much the way the line between anarchy and civilization was drawn.

  1. Problems
    1. i.     Danger of neo-colonial overtones, heart and minds
      1. Ie average Afghan combatant is fighting not for Taliban, but against the foreign invaders, as they always have, see…
      2. And beyond ‘AfPak’ to the whole world.
      3. ii.     Drake’s line is not respected by Pashtuns
        1. Same tactical problem that gave us hell in Vietnam/Laos
      4. iii.     Military is not built for nation building
        1. Eating soup with a soup
      5. iv.     Limits of American Power, really a million boots on the ground are needed to tactically control or ‘hold’ the country and would have to stay through the entire ‘building’ phase, not fiscally possible or appropriate
        1. Drones can strike any quasi-al-Qaeda pockets without boots on the ground in Afghanistan just as they do now in Pakistan
      6. v.     Afghan state institutions to build on are weak and corrupt
        1. Ie a shaky foundation to try to build a civilization (nation)
        2. Why ‘government in a box’ isn’t working and won’t work
      7. vi.     Pakistan needs to be stable

Nuclear and therefore a collapse could lead to catastrophe.  Civil society needs our support, not guidance.

They just had that big ass blackout.[2] And Clinton pledged money for Energy.[3] And in turn can tap into the $7.5 billion in aid Congress has authorized for Pakistan with the Kerry-Lugar Bill.[4]

  1. Solution
    1. Solar in a box’
      1. i.     Takes the best ideas about ‘government in a box’ without bringing along the corruption
      2. ii.     The power of power
        1. Lights at night,
          1. School
          2. Health
          3. Safety
        2. Water pumps
        3. Community connectivity
        4. Alignment of interest between our PPP and individual villages and people
        5. Jobs
          1. Many people join insurgency for pay
            1. i.     Why do that when you could get paid more to install solar, or dig a well, or work for what ever indigenous businesses would be operating or growing if sufficient infrastructure was installed
      3. iii.     Solar v. western style grid
        1. No massive infrastructure investments
          1. Subject to poor contractor performance
            1. i.     Parsons, etc
            2. ii.     Difficult terrain to say the least
            3. A failure in one place crashes the system
              1. i.     Insurgent sabotage
              2. ii.     Asking for too much in a war zone
              3. Time that we don’t have even if we could
  1. Better suited to the confederation style of tribal control of villages
  2. See the success of cell phones in places without hard phone line infrastructure
    1. i.     Congo to Mexico and Hefe
    2. See the success of Grammen Shakti
    3. See the success of that guy who builds schools in villages, Greg Mortensen, 3 Cups of Tea
      1. i.     Small scale, tangible infrastructure projects
      2. ii.     Mission of KGC and in Af is the same, find away to tap into the potential and the desire of all people to live in peace and prosperity so that those aspirations can be actualized
  1. Iraq
    1. i.     Ditto basically
    2. ii.     “at least under Saddam we had power and water”
      1. Biggest knock on us could become the biggest gold star, providing more and cheaper water and electricity than ever before
  2. Three birds with one stone
    1. i.     Tommy Freidman solar article china military understands importance of solar in the future and is participating in on the industrial side and we are not competing with them
    2. ii.     Green economy’s success is critical to economic recovery and growth in US which is now more and more relevant to national security
    3. iii.     Winning Hearts and minds
      1. On the ground
      2. And on the internet, ‘arab street’, etc, global community
      3. iv.     Reducing ranks of insurgents with jobs will reduce attacks on our troops
      4. v.     Provide a backbone of stability for legitimate democratic institutions to organically arise and to reach ultimate named objective of a stable Afghan government that can protect and sustain itself




[4] now live

With the opening of our website, our blog has now also officially begun.  Stay tuned for news, info, resources, and ideas about the past, present, and future of ‘green’ building and sustainability in general.